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Graphite Tubes

for all the

Atomic Absorptions

Graphite Tubes for Graphite Furnace





Tubo in Grafite per Assorbimento Atomico GBC



Madatec is happy to offer you a convenient solution

for your Graphite Furnace of

your Atomic Absorption instrument


High Quality Graphite Tubes and Graphite contacts,

for almost all the A.A. models and Brands.

 Delivery time, around one week, for the most

diffused instruments.


Here some examples:

10 Tubes box for Perkin Elmer Graphite furnace

not Coated, cod. 56PE005 = 225,00 Euro !


10 Tubes box for Perkin Elmer Graphite furnace

 Coated, cod. 56PE002 =  268,00 Euro only !


Contacts Set (3 pieces) for Perkin Elmer Graphite furnaces

(.NOT Zeeman) cod. 56PE010/12 = 87,00 Euro

 Zeeman contacts also available


Perkin Elmer

Tutti i Tubi in Grafite per AA Perkin Elmer

Thermo Unicam

Tubi in Grafite per PYE Unicam



Tubi in Grafite per Fornetto Hitachi


Tubi in Grafite per fornetto Shimadzu



Tubo in Grafite per AA Varian

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Products we sell for

your Atomic Absorption instrument !

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Please note : Price information is

 approximate list price and actual prices

 may vary. Pls ask for your quotation.

Shipping expences and VAT not included.



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