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A new Energy for your work

From Madatec a wide assortment of Hollow Cathode Lamps ( HCL ) for your Atomic Absorption


Due to our indipendence from

the Major analytical companies,

we can supply you with the best brand

and type of  HCL lamp for your need.


Regardless of your model and brand

of your Atomic Absorption instrument,

we'll offer you the better solution

at a good price.


To get an help to identify the best lamp

 for your Atomic Absorption,

 contact us, We'll be glad to help you.


               Hollow Cathode Lamp for A.A.

Many configurations available !

  • 1,5" diameter (37mm)

  • 2" diameter (50mm P.E.)

  • Coded and not coded

  • Single and Multi element

  • Up to  7 elements in one lamp

  • Normal and Super-lamps

And don't forget......

Deuterium lamp for A.A.

our Background correction lamps.

Very interesting PRICES !


Some examples:

Non coded lamp 1,5"

 2 elements, starting at

245,00  Euro


Non coded lamp 2"

(for Perkin Elmer instruments )

2 or 3 elements, starting at

299,00 Euro


Discounts for quantities,

even 2 lamps only.


Please note : Price information is

 approximate list price and actual prices

 may vary. Pls ask for your quotation.

Shipping expences not included.

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