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Se siete interessati a questo tipo di prodotti, contattateci, vi indicheremo le possibile alternarive.
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Madatec and Smiths togheter


Madatec srl is your Sale point  for all the Smiths Detection Scientific division products




Thanks to Madatec, today

even our customers

can have direct access to

Smiths Detection, Scientific Division



Madatec is here to help you

to choose the right instrument

between the many of the

Smiths Detection Scientific's




Ion Scan LS

the  IMS spectrometer

 for your laboratory

               The I.M.S. technique on your table !


We're ready to help you

with all the

 Smiths Detection's products :

IlluminatIR II

 The IR Spectroscopy

in your optical microscopeHow to simply add Molecular Spectroscopy to your optical microscope


Clicking on  the images,

from this page, you can see,

in PDF format,

the info about the products


For all the other questions about

 Smiths Detection

Scientific's products,

to get documentation, prices or demonstrations,

contact us at :


 FT-IR portable

with ATR and  Video

A laptop FT-IR spectrometer !

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