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You have bought a new instrument at a very

 low price,

but now, what about

the Service ?


Where can I ask for Service if I get problems ?

(first Murphy's law)


Madatec's tools

Madatec srl

 doesn't leave you alone !


Post Sale Service is one

of our preferred activities,

we never forget it !


Here you can find some Brands supported by Madatec,

directly !


Assistenza su tutti i Generatori di Gas Parker


Madatec is the Parker Balston

Authorized Service Center

for all the pure Gas Generators, for lab use and industry.


Parker Balston Hannifin gas generators


Doesn't matter the model you got, contact us, parts,

accessories, consumables and Service Contracts

are available.


Service and parts

for all the generators

in the past sold as :



Hewlett Packard


Air Liquide


other brands

Contacts :

Pd Hydrogen generator Fiber Nitrogen generator Ultra High Pure Nitrogen generator
Madatec is providing Service also for :
Bio-Rad Digilab FTIRs

Service over all the produced FT-IR Spectrometers

from Bio-Rad or Digilab (now Varian inc.)

Support for all the Hoefer products

Electrophoresis, blotting, cells, dryers and accessories.

Distributed in Italy by Diax srl




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