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And so you got the best available

FT-IR machine, good.

Are you now able to

decrypt each single IR spectrum ?


Also available

NIR, Raman, MS,



 Chemometrics, ADME/Tox Software and more


The IR Technique, also known as

Molecular Spectroscopy

has the capability of a unique identification

for many organic molecules, and more.

The main difficulty is to recognize, in a short time,

the correspondence between the IR Spectrum and the Molecule.


For the Analyst, for the Researcher,  an help can come

from the IR Spectral Libraries.

Madatec is distributing and servicing the IR Databases

most known,  the Sadtler (Bio-Rad).

Here a short review of the available products from Bio-Rad Informatic Division
Spectra handling and more The wider IR Database collection Chem Window "THE" software for the Chemist ! Data Analysis and PCA

Just one plattform

for all your Analytical results

Know It All

The most wide collection

of IR Spectra (+ 220.000)

Also available for: NMR,

MS, Raman, NIR, UV/VIS

The well known Software

for the Chemical Design

Chem Window

Is your copy licensed?

Statistical Analysis, PCA,

many results to handle?

the MVP Software

and others can help you

Visit the WEB site of link al sito WEB di Bio-Rad to discover more, about  the products  

Contact us to have more info.

We can configure for you all the Options,  Up-Grades available for your old Databases,

discounts for packages.

Installations and Support directly by Madatec srl


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