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Our mission

The MADATEC project starts from a simple idea,

even the Scientific Research market and

the Chemical Analysis sector are all looking for

competent answers.


We could aspect that in  High Tech markets, like ours,  competence and information availability were

easy to find products.


MADATEC srl founders realised that

this is not true every time.


Probably due to the speed of the innovations,  to the personal turnover in the big companies or the competition on prices, the support organisations are becoming "lightly"

or farther from their Customers.


Have you never spent "hours" talking with

electronic secretaries by phone?

And the looked answer was only a little help on how

to install a lamp in your Scientific instrument !


From these considerations  MADATEC's mission is generated, to supply scientific products and related support

(in our fields of activity) good for your needing.

Having also an attention into the prices !


Try our services or products !


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