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Breaking News !

An InfraRed Microscope is landing into your FT-IR !!



The IR Microscopy is ready for you !



Have you an old dream? To add an IR Microscope to your own FT-IR machine, yes ?

Pike Technologies and Madatec srl allow you today to make your dream possible, at an incredible price !


With uMAX all the FT-IR optical benches can add the micro FT-IR capability


Being able to fit into your FT-IR sample compartment and using the already installed IR detector

(from your FT-IR), uMAX can  cut the costs in an unbeatable way !


Following, all the info you have to know about uMAX, the IR Microscope for everyone !


Guess the uMAX's right price* :

uMAX your IR Microscope !


Specs and options :


Sampling modes:



 ATR crystal:

Ge, 100 uM


IR microscope Optics:

Aluminium or Gold-coated


Sample Viewing:

Binocular o Trinocular

with video camera (optional)



Available as option

 "See Thru Aperture"

in Transmission mode


Colour video Camera

with USB Interface


Optical resolution : 1 uM


Possible purging with

Nitrogen or Dry Air

* The listed price is for

 an  uMAX microscope with

reflectance only, without camera

and without ATR objective

Click here and you'll get more info

in  PDF format about the IR Microscope


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Please note : Price information is

 approximate list price and actual prices

 may vary. Pls ask for your quotation.

Shipping expences not included.



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