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                   Are you looking for your dreams' cell ?

The strangest cell ?

The impossible dimension ?

How many cells' type do we have?

The smaller dead volume ?

(from 0,5uL !! )

Strange accessories ?

Super Prices ?

Madatec srl is proud to present you all the Cuvettes and Cells range for UV/VIS and IR

from Starna Cells Inc. ( ) the most wide known catalog.

32 pages, with all the cuvettes you will never  need !

Infrasil cells for IR

New, Catalogue 2014 !


On the right you can download or view

the complete cuvettes Starna's cells catalog :



Quartz cuvettes from Starna Ltd


 Academic's offer

Are you an Educational organization ?

Are you using a large amount of standard cuvettes?


Madatec prepaired for you a special offer

with "joung" prices.


Here an example:

Qty=12 dimensions = int. 10X10mm

Special Optical Glass cuvettes

(from 320nm to 2500nm)

 at 99,00  Euro only !



Offers for School

And it doesn't end here ! Now you have your cell,

how do you check your UV/VIS instrument ?

It's simple ! With the Starna's certified Reference Materials.

We have all the

the needed Standards


Traceable N.I.S.T.

or U.K.A.S. Standards


On Solution or Solid

Reference Materials


Available the single

 standard too

Standards solutions from Starna

Fluorescence Standard,

to calibrate λ ,

to check A.U. values


UKAS certified re-calibrations

 for your standards available


Ideal for your GLP



Other  Standards on request

Fluorescence Reference Materials Catalog

Available for you the catalog with  UV/VIS Standards

A real big source of informations !


If you work in Fluorescence

Here available  the Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Reference Materials catalog

 UV/VIS Certified Reference Materials' Catalog




And for all your needs, please don't esitate, contact us, we have also a lot of new coming products !


Please note : Price information is

 approximate list price and actual prices

 may vary. Pls ask for your quotation.

Shipping expences not included.

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